Why Is Oil Deck Staining A Better Option

Why Is Oil Deck Staining A Better Option?

Why is oil deck staining and cleaning a better option you ask? Well deck cleaning and staining is imperative. If you are building a new deck or if you are redoing your old deck, you will need deck cleaning and staining. There are standard methods of deck cleaning but there are many choices of deck stains. One popular choice is oil based deck stains. You may have heard of oil deck stains and you may know that many homeowners opt for the same. Here’s why it is so popular for deck staining.

  • Oil deck staining doesn’t take much time. The installation process is relatively easier and simpler. This reduces the number of hours an expert would have to spend at your home, and that certainly saves you some money. It is true that oil deck stains take a considerably long time to get cured but then that can be done without professional intervention.
  • Oil deck staining is extremely popular because of its durability. There are stains used on decks that can wear off easily. As stains are meant for aesthetic enhancement and for protection of the deck or the wood, it is quite ironic that some stains are not robust enough to be self-protected. If the lifespan of stains is limited or not very long, then it hardly makes sense to use such products for deck staining. Homeowners want the stains to last for several years and that too without the need of intermittent repairs or touch-ups and maintenance and without losing its visual or aesthetic beauty. That can be achieved quite certainly with oil deck stains. However, there are variants in oil based deck stains as well and you should choose the very best.
  • Oil deck staining is also advantageous because oil tends to penetrate the wooden surface atop the deck and that protects the surface and the wooden substrate layers. This is also one reason why oil stains last longer and retain their visual splendor. Oil also prevents the growth of mold and algae.
  • Oil deck staining is also beneficial from the perspective of moisture. Oil doesn’t allow moisture buildup. On the contrary, it repels moisture, unlike other common stains.
  • Oil deck staining is relatively costlier than other options but that is one thing you will have to deal with if you want the best solution for deck cleaning and staining. Besides, you would be saving money as the need for repairs, touch-ups and maintenance would be rare.

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