North Ridgeville Painters

Looking to hire some North Ridgeville Painters?  Well give us a call for a free consultation.  We have been painting in the North Ridgeville area for over 12 years.  Our North Ridgeville painters know what it takes to make your North Ridgeville home look its’ best.  Whether it is interior painting or exterior painting our experienced painters can handle it.  Just have a few questions?  Give us a call for some free advice.  Below is a video titled North Ridgeville Painters.  It is a short video of an aluminum sided home in North Ridgeville that we painted this past summer.  North Ridgeville has some of the nicest homeowners around.

These are the steps our North Ridgeville painters used to paint this home.

1.  Power wash the entire home.  This removes mold, mildew, dirt and chaulking paint.  If the chaulking paint does not completely come off we like to add bonding agents to the paint to help it stick better.

2.  Scrape loose paint.

3.  Repair caulking.  This includes adding caulk where missing as well as removing bad caulk and re-caulking.

4.  Prime where needed.  Most of the time we only need to prime bare wood.

5.  Cover areas not to be painted.  When spray painting aluminum siding this is the most important step.  We carry drop clothes to keep paint off the roof,  grass and cement.  We will also mask off all windows and doors.

6.  Paint home.  We like to put on two coats  of quality exterior paint.

7. Let paint dry

8.  Remove all masking and install anything taken off for painting.

9.  Brush and roll remaining portions of the home.  This North Ridgeville home we spray painted all of the aluminum siding and then went back and hand brushed all the wood trim, soffits, doors and windows.  Over the years we have found that hand brushing wood not only looks better it actually lasts longer.  I think this is because brushing pushes the paint into the wood where spraying the paint just lays it on the wood.