House Painting Mentor


Do you need house painting Mentor? House painting adds a lot of beauty and value to your Mentor home. When you do your house painting in the right way, using the right colors, with good finishing, your once boring house, could just take up a new look of brightness and excitement.Here are some of the 9 most common painting mistakes you must avoid in order to achieve best house painting results.
1. NOT USING THE TAPE: When house painting Mentor it is very easy for you to think that you already have the skills to get the lines straight but you must not make the mistake of not using the painter’s tape as doing that would hinder a great finish.
2. NOT USING PRIMER: You must know that primer gives the paint a good surface to adhere to. It is also the catalyzing element for bringing out the true color of the shade you have chosen. If you make the mistake of not using primer, your results cannot be guaranteed.  With today’s new paint technology this step is not always necessary.
3. BEING IMPATIENT: You had the patience to apply patching compound to fix all the imperfect patches on the walls, you should also try and be patient and allow it to dry up before painting. Doing otherwise will give you the kind of quality finish you desire.
4. ALLOWING PAINT BUILDUP ON PAD EDGE: You will have to look out for paint buildup on the pad edge when painting sensitive areas like ceiling edges and corners. This will prevent unwanted markings on the surface.



5. BRUSHING INSTEAD OF ROLLING: You must understand that handling a wider space of interior painting would require rolling rather than brushing. In a situation like this, the roller would do the job faster and better. If you decide to brush in this instance, you might use up too much time and get frustrated.
6. PAINTING ON DIRTY WALLS: For the best painting results, you must ensure that the walls are clean prior to painting as paints normally look better on clean walls.
7. YOU ARE PAINTING IN HIGH HUMIDITY: It is better to paint when they humidity is low. This is because, when you paint when the humidity is high, the paint may take much longer time to dry. This might even lead to a waste of effort and frustration.
8. YOU PAINT WITH FURNITURE INSIDE THE ROOM: Yes, lifting out furniture could be a difficult task. If you cannot move them out, at least be sure you have them well covered to prevent splash paint on them.
9. YOU DO NOT PROTECT THE FLOORS: This will make your painting job look more like a disaster. You will have paint on the floors and on several unwanted areas. You need to cover up the floors and other surfaces that you don’t want paint on.
These are carefully selected tips to help you in your house painting Mentor. It is our desire that these tips will be of great help and make your painting experience worth it. If you want it fast and stress free, call in the professionals for house painting Mentor.