House Painting Cost

House Painting Cost


Painting your house is a tough chore any way you slice it. Getting the right supplies, choosing the perfect paint, ensuring the job is done correctly and more can give anyone a headache. Especially once everything is totaled up but with a little preplanning and some foresight you can cut back on some of those costs. As the old saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine” is as true for painting as anything else.

Show me the money


Choosing the right paint can be tough. What color should you choose? Do you get the one with primer or do you buy that separately? How many coats do you paint? These and many more questions have to be sorted out before you drop a dime on anything. For example, are you going to be painting over an existing paint job or scrap it down to the bone and paint back. When painting over an existing job a primer is a good base coat if you are changing paint type. Remember that primer is meant to help the follow coat stick. This is especially important for painting on top of say latex paint or vinyl otherwise you don’t need a primer coat. A lot of those two in ones are good for the purpose mentioned above but you shouldn’t waste your money on them if you aren’t planning to paint over the previous color.

Time is money


Once you’ve decided on the kind of paint you want the next big question is how do you want to paint. There are a number of ways you can get the job done; brush, roller, sprayer, etc. The question is what needs to be painted. Are you just doing a touch up on a few spots that have started to flake? Are you doing a room in the house or doing the entire house? Once you’ve answered these questions you can figure out which works best. A lot of people like to use rollers because it makes covering an area faster but if you are only doing a few spots then no need to use a roller. Same is said for doing a house or at least a side of a house. As a roller may actually make more of a mess with the rough surface often seen on most homes.

Finishing touches


Starting a painting project may seem like a major expense but as long as you get everything in order before you even spill the paint then you can save yourself a lot of time and especially a lot of money.

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