House Painting Cleveland

Do you need house painting Cleveland?  Well look no further, we have been painting in the Cleveland area for over 12 years.  Give us a call for a free consultation today.  Wether you need interior house painting or exterior house painting Cleveland our painting contractors will exceed  your expectations.  When house painting Cleveland you need to know what color(s) you want to paint your home.  If you know what color(s) you want great;  if not we can help you out.  Still can not make up you mind?  We have an on call interior designer free of charge for all of our customers.  Once you have decided on your color(s) your next decision is what finish do you want the paint in?

Flat-  A flat finish has no shine.  Great for touch-ups.  Because of that it is used a lot in new construction where there is typically a lot of touch-ups needed with all the traffic that goes on.  Flat paint is typically used when painting ceilings.

Eggshell-  Eggshell well give you some shine and still allows for touch-ups.  A great all around paint.  This is my favorite sheen for interior house painting.

Satin-  Satin has a little more shine than eggshell.  Touch-ups are not as good.  If your walls are in bad shape (nicks, gouges, uneven) the shine will accentuate the defects.  This is my favorite sheen for exterior house painting.

Semi-gloss-  Semi-gloss has a lot of shine.  Touch-ups are even worse and the same goes for wall defects.  This paint will clean up easier and is often used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Gloss-  Gloss has the most amount of shine.  Touch-ups and wall defect hiding are even worse than semi-gloss.  Gloss paint is normally used for woodword, trim, windows and doors.

Exterior House Painting Cleveland

Interior House Painting Cleveland