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Questions to ask a house painter

How to know which house painter is right for you? Don’t let yourself be duped by shady painting contractors who’re here today, gone tomorrow—as soon as you’ve made an advance payment. Before hiring a paint contractor, interview them first by asking the following questions:


  • Tell me something about yourself and your company. Painting contractors serious about getting the contract should speak clearly about the company’s painting specialties, the services they do, how long they’ve been in business, paint jobs they’ve done in the past, and so on.


  • Tell me about your employees. By asking this question, you want to know if the paint contractor works with people who have the know-how and experience as well as the professionalism to work on your paint job without giving you headaches. Find out what kind of training these painters have on average, their awareness and use of current painting methods and techniques, regulations, and issues relevant to their field.


  • Describe to me how you do your work. Here, any potential contractor must be able to give a short presentation on what goes on in a paint job they’re working on. You can glean information on how they prepare their work area, the techniques they use to achieve particular looks and textures, their painting roadmap and their cleanup routine. This question will shed light on the caliber of their finished work.


  • From whom do you usually obtain paint supplies? Knowing who supplies them with their paint will tell you the kind of work they can possibly do. Your paint job has particular requirements and it pays to know if your contractor will be able to deliver a high quality of work with the type of paint they’ll be using.


  • What are the certifications and licenses that you have? Painting contractors, like any skilled professionals, need to comply with federal and state regulations to acquire a license. Inspect the credentials that they’ll present and validate registration information with the state’s consumer protection department. By asking for these documents, you’re assured that your paint contractor can accomplish what they said they’ll do.


  • Why should I choose you to do my paint job instead of another contractor? This is the final sell from the painting contractor in using his/her services. Established and reputable painting contractors can quickly tell you what separates them from the pack. They’ll discuss work and supplies quality, training, supplies and equipment used and anything else that’ll make them the better painting professional who should be working on your painting project.

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