Graffiti Removal Tips

Graffiti Removal Tips

Graffiti removal tips come in handy. Removing graffiti from your property can be tricky. It all depends on the kind of material used to perform the graffiti and the surface on which the graffiti was done. Because these two factors can be combined in a number of different ways, figuring out the right way can require a bit of trial and error.

We have included below a number of different tips for your graffiti removal. With any luck, you will be able to use some of these to quickly and effectively deal with any graffiti on your property.

1. Removing Graffiti From Glass

Removing graffiti from glass is one of the simplest operations if you know what you are doing. All you need is a scraper. In 99% of cases, graffiti can be removed from glass by simply scraping it off. It will not strongly adhere to the glass or stain the glass. Hold the scraper at about 30% to the window to get the maximum out of this technique. If this is not working, then you can use paint thinners as well.

2. Removing Graffiti From Metal

There are a number of different techniques for removing graffiti from metal. Very find wool can be used on metal to scratch away any graffiti that may be on it. Sandpaper and steel wool can also be used if the graffiti is refusing to budge. However, their use will depend on the likelihood of scratching the surface. Pressure washing and other blasting techniques work well with metal.

3. Removing Graffiti From Wood

Wood represents a particular challenge for graffiti removal, as many chemical treatments and techniques will harm the surface. In addition, non treated wood is amazingly absorbent and will make removing the graffiti a challenge. If the wood is sealed, then consider using mineral spirits. If you cannot chemically treat the wood, then you may be able to power wash the graffiti off. Either way, the quicker you act, the easier it will be to remove whatever stains are caused by the graffiti.

4. Brick

When it comes to masonry, your options are a bit limited. It is suggested that you focus on power washing instead of sand blasting. Sand blasting, as well as chemical treatments can cause harm to the mortar and bricks.

5. Repainting

Repainting should only ever been seen as a last resort in case the other options above do not work out. It can be time intensive, and may even require several coatings to completely hide the graffiti. For more information on graffiti removal tips check out our website and give Tom at Ace Painting a call at 216-323-0552!





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