Exterior Painting


  Not only does exterior painting keep your home looking its’ best, it actually protects your home by keeping it water tight.  So what is our process?

    • Power wash-  Power washing will removed loose dirt and chaulking paint.  We also add special cleaners to kill and remove mold, mildew and algea.
    • Scraping-  After giving the home a few days to dry the next step is to scrape the loose paint.  On older wood homes this can be the most important step.  Checking for lead paint is a great idea to do before you start scraping an older home.
      • Caulking-  Caulking helps to fill cracks, making them water tight.  Caulking also makes for a nicer finished product.  You can also go to far with caulking.  If you seal the home up too tight it won’t be able to breathe.  This could cause moisture problems.
    • Priming-  All bare wood needs to be primed.  Priming bare wood will seal the wood and give the finish paint something to grip.  Water damage also needs to be primed.  Bare steel should also be treated with a rust inhibitor.


      • Painting-  We like to finish our exterior painting with 2 coats of quality exterior paint. On heavily chaulking aluminum siding we will add a bonding agent to help the paint stick better.


I Really Enjoy Exterior Painting

The most enjoying part when exterior painting is taking an old crappy house and making it the most beautiful home on the block.  Working in summer heat is nice as well.  Time seems to fly bye when exterior painting.  There are a few dangers as well.  You need to make sure your ladders are footed correctly.  You don’t want a ladder slipping when you’re 40 feet in the air.  When walking on a roof you also need to be sure of your footing.