Exterior Painters

Exterior Painters

Painting a home is a pretty huge endeavor. It requires that you learn all about the different types of paint, extensive project planning, quite a bit of care during the drying process, and take numerous accurate measurements. While this all seems manageable at first, it quickly adds up, and the actual complexity of the process is what convinces most people to turn to professional exterior painters to get the job done. Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the things people consider when getting an exterior paint job, and at some things exterior painters think about when actually getting the job done.


Surface Area


The most fundamental consideration to be made prior to executing a paint job is how much paint will be necessary. Painters are usually very good at just eyeballing a surface and determining how much primer and paint to bring to the site when they start actually treating it, but newbies usually have to measure it out and take those measurements to the local hardware store. Needless to say, this takes extra time and, sometimes, extra money when you buy too much or too little. Once the amount has been properly determined, it’s time to move on to the next steps.


Inspecting the Surfaces


This step is the main reason it’s difficult for people to finish an exterior paint job on their own. Prior to applying paint, it’s crucially important to inspect the outside surface area to ensure that there are no gaps, holes, or other structural weaknesses that could interfere with the painting process. If there are, painters must fill those holes with a mixture of wood glue and wood chips. After this is done, the surface is ready for painting.


The Painting Process


Exterior painters usually go through an extensive algorithm when it comes time finally to paint a house exterior. First, they prime the surface, usually letting the primer sit for between one and three days, but rarely longer. They then paint, cover with some sort of chemical or tarp to ensure the elements can’t damage the job, and repeat the process for as long as is needed to get the job done and treat problem areas. This can be difficult to do evenly for anyone with anything short of professional painting skill, which is why it’s useful to turn to exterior painters for such jobs and the least trouble.  For more information check out our main exterior painters webpage.

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