Different Colors Of Paint

Different Colors Of Paint Lighter Colors For Darker Rooms & Darker Colors For Well Lit Rooms

Have you ever wondered if there is a rule that you should adhere to while choosing the painting for your home? Different colors of paint suit different situations.

It is relatively easier to choose the brand of paint. Figuring out the quantum of paint you need is our job and you don’t have to be anxious with the task of assuming. Painting your exteriors or interiors or both is again our forte and you don’t have to worry about the techniques, sheen, cleanliness or trims or anything. But what you would have to do is select the colors. We may advice you but it is always the choice of the homeowners. We cannot tell you which colors you should choose because that is your prerogative but we can give you some good news. There is a rule when it comes to choosing the color of your painting, whether it is exteriors or interiors. Let us talk about the rooms.

  • You should choose lighters colors for darker rooms and darker colors for well lit rooms.

Cleveland, Ohio, receives considerable sunlight during the summers and it is relatively bright in winters as well, unless it gets too snowy. Depending on where your house is, how it is designed and which directions have the openings or the windows and doors, your home will have some well lit rooms and some darker rooms. Rooms that have lots of light coming in can have darker shades. Lighter shades would make the rooms too bright. Rooms that are relatively darker or don’t have any natural light coming in should have lighter shades. Dark colors will always make the rooms darker and it may appear to be dull and spooky.

Other than the element of natural light, you have to factor in the artificial lights that you set up. Not every room in your home will have half a dozen light fixtures. The rooms that don’t should have pleasantly dark or lighter shades. The rooms that would be very well lit, regardless of it being a day or night, can have all kinds of shades. There isn’t any restriction or rule applying to these rooms.

The next time you choose to paint your rooms, you should adhere to this rule. This rule may not help you to zero in on that one color that you would like but you will be able to discard a majority of the colors for every specific room and that will make your quest simpler.  For more information on different colors of paint check out our website and make sure to give Tom at Ace Painting a call at 216-323-0552 for your free estimate today!



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