Deck Cleaning And Staining

Don’t put off your deck cleaning and staining any longer.

In todays society, we drive plastic cars to our plastic homes.  Plastic is everywhere.  Heck, woodwork is not wood anymore.  And now decks are being made out of plastic.

It saddens me to see decks being made out of plastic.  Decks were the last wooden structures left in todays homes.  Who needs a man cave when you can go outside and cook meat over a fire, like a cave man.  Throw in a couple of friends and a football game and have yourself a party.

For how much fun decks are – they do require a lot of maintainence.  That’s where deck cleaning and staining comes in.  Deck cleaning and staining serves 2 purposes.

#1  It just looks good.  A freshly stained deck is a beauty to behold.

#2 It protects the wood four ways.

Deck Cleaning

#1 Deck cleaning and staining seals the wood from water.  In our climate this is most important.  When the weather gets cold, the nightly freezing and thawing in the morning of water in the deck is what causes the wood to crack and splinter.

#2 Protects your deck from the sun.  The sun’s ultra-violet rays are what normally breaks down the stain.

#3  The stain has insecticides in the to keep bugs from eating your deck.

#4 Fungicides, algeacides and mildewcides are added to help cut down the mold, algea and mildew.

When deck cleaning and staining, the first step is cleaning.  We let our detergents do the work for us.  We will spray them on and give them about a half hour to do the cleaning.  After that we will give the deck a good rinse with the power washer.  Next, we will spray the deck with a brightener and a neautralizer.  This will brighten the wood so the stain looks better an also neautralizes the wood so it will accept the stain better.  Give the deck some time to dry.

With the deck cleaning done it is time to stain your deck.  There are many different brands, styles and colors to choose from.  Call us for a free consultation for what would look best on your deck.

Now that your done deck cleaning and staining , enjoy it.