Best Exterior Paint Colors For Selling Your Home

What exterior paint colors help your resell value?

A few years down the line, the deep reds and the vivid blues will appear faded. When completely dry you can go ahead and apply the initial coat. It should not be jarring and should blend well with the rest of the neighborhood. An example of this would be green and blue-green and green. If you want to sober down a little, then you could choose a color combination where one color is dominant while the other color serves as an accent. For all these reasons, it requires a lot of meticulous planning. Exterior paint for doors and windows should be painted in a different color to provide contrast.

Clean the brushes and let dry. This happens oftentimes on the undersides of overhanging eaves, in sheltered parts under roof overhangs, and in other locations which are covered from the weather. Don’t forget a scraper or two, to smooth or brush out the finish. To fix this kind of dilemma, then you should first fill out or repair all gaping seams and other similar defects. A cheap paint may save you money for the time being but it will surely fade away very soon. Paint colors that portray the look of a well-kept and tidy home is going to interest many buyers and fetch you a handsome check for your house.

Once the applied paint dries up, move on to paint the trims of the exterior doors and windows. Like the interior, stay away from bright, bold colors and focus on keeping color schemes neutral and light. So if you want to maintain the gloss, naturalness of the room, you need to consider both the factors. This can bring down the resale value should you ever need to sell your home, as well as put off an unattractive image. He knows better how to deal with the wall which is experiencing harsh weather conditions. If the houses of your neighborhood is done up in dark and earthy neutral colors, then painting your home in shades of purple or bright yellow will not attract potential buyers.

For older homes that comes with period architecture, preserving the integrity of the architecture is very important. Where do you start? Special primer paints designed for bricks is available. If you are painting stucco in a dry area, you are usually safe with acrylic. But don’t go to the extreme and paint all the walls of your home in a boring beige color. Do the colors go with the neighborhood or area? Removing the previous stain is important. To add to this confusion, you need to figure a pleasing color scheme not only for the interior of the home but also for the exterior paint.

Of Course, You can do the exterior paint job yourself but with all the headaches associated with selling your home and moving, you could always contract this to a professional.



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