Beachwood Painters

Do you need Beachwood painters?  Our painters have been serving the painting needs of the Beachwood area for over 12 years.  Whether you need interior painting, exterior painting or wallpaper removal, our Beachwood painters will make your property shine.  Some of our hardest wallpaper removal jobs were in Beachwood.  The previous painting contractor did not prepare the walls and installed wallpaper right on the bare drywall.  It was a mess fixing the damage.  Our Beachwood painters can also clean and seal your deck.  We can take an old beat up deck and make it look like new again.  With over 12 years in business our Beachwood painters can handle almost all of your painting needs.

  Exterior Painting Beachwood

Below is a short video of an exterior painting in Beachwood we did this past fall.  It was a complete color change.  The new colors that the homeowner picked out really made this Beachwood home pop.  Besides the color change, we had other issues that  needed to be addressed by our painters.  We had a week or so of scraping to do.   Brick, with all its’ surfaces can be a major pain to scrape.  Every angle needed to be hit with the scraper.   Loose paint was not the only scraping our Beachwood painters had to do on this Beachwood home.  The whole back was covered in ivy.  This is the painting project we were working on when hurricane Sandy came through.  We had about 2 weeks of missed work days due to the wind and rain.  But, our persistance paid off and our Beachwood painters churned out another beautifully painted home in Beachwood.